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Filthy rich and starving, Day 1

It's been 166 days since my last 3 days trip (not to be confused with the amount of time passed since my last getaway). What can I say, I have been busy... mostly with baking cupcakes, watching bad movies on Saturday nights, cuddling on Sunday mornings and teaching baby K how to speak... but in a heartbeat, I gave that all up (except for cuddling, that came with me) and set out on a 3 day journey through CT and RI. Having left a day later then planned, we quickly crossed the slums of Queens and ended up in suburbs of CT. The familiar hour and a half drive brought on nothing but the constant fumbling with the radio buttons and obsession over my newly acquired Iphone. That quickly stopped as we entered the town of Greenwich, CT. Neither OK or I are fans of suburban life, white picket fences and/or soccer moms but WOW! these mansio.... errrr.. excuse me homes, are definitely worth checking out and are certainly something to be desired. Our first stop was the Dunnellen Hall - Built