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Finally Day 2

What can I say?! I've totally abandoned my writing and had turned to baking but during few moments of clarity, I realize that it would be totally amazing to document my travels and write down all the awesome and not so awesome places I have visited. Speaking of not to awesome, the very first thing on our agenda in Newport was a scenic train ride. I've always wanted to go on one and on one we went... Boooring!!! We then headed to Fort Adams which was I guess somewhat cool, not worth the trip but an intersting detour. The coolest thing about Fort Adams is that right from it you can continue on to the coolest drive ever along the ocean? lake? body of water! Pass the sign for Brenton Point State Park and continue on the windy road. You won't be sorry. Make sure you got cool song on the radio, your shades and don't look back. On our drive we stumbled upon Castle Hill Inn and lighthouse , which is a MUST SEE ! After