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The rest of 2002 & 2003

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. ” -    Karl Lagerfeld Happy Tuesday! If you live on the East Coast you know that this weekend was finally gorgeous 🌻. I hope you took that chance to explore the outdoors a little and if you did not, I totally support day indoors on the couch watching Mad Men. Have you seen? I highly recommend. However we are not here to talk about that.  We are here to talk about something I realized this morning, more accurate something I always knew and it just became clearer. Photographs pick up the slack where our memory fails. It would be impossible to remember moments from 17 years ago but when looking back at my albums they refreshed my memory making me remember where I've been and what I've done. Without that it would be lost never to be remembered again.  If you read my last entry (if you did not, you most certainly should) you know that we are in the year 2002. 2002 s

Miami Beach FL, way way back when

Actually back in 2002. My first trip as an adult was Miami Beach, FL. Funny side note as I write about my first trip to Florida, I realize my last trip this past March was also to Florida. Coincidence? A sign? True destiny? What do you all think? Back to Miami: I can assure you Miami Beach in 2002 was very different than it is now. I haven't been in quiet some time but I can only imagine, that and well I've heard things. I went there with PS (as in initials not Postscript) and we had a great time, at least that's what my photos say. I still remember where we stayed although again I am pretty sure it has been remodeled plenty. If you are looking to spend less than $$$$ and don't mind staying further up (all the way up up up) on infamous Collins Ave then Holiday Inn is right for you 3.5 Star hotel with over 2300 reviews on Trip Advisor

The beginning

It's me here again... I'm making up for the lost time so you might hear from me quiet a lot. I've been thinking how do I even start this, it seems when I started in 2011 (saying that never gets old) I just jumped into it but my interest in travels goes way way back. My family and I moved to US in 1996 and although I would love to tell you about that adventure, I don't recall much except that it was chaotic and long drawn and yet all over in few hours at least for me but I was only a kid, what did I know. I could tell you we flew Air France and stopped at Paris and I thought I was super "cool". I remember playing cards, eating on the plane and absolutely falling in love with flying. At least that's what I tell myself now, I might have had a different reaction 23 years ago. Back to this current adventure though, I spent all day thinking I should start from my more recent getaways but that seems strange because that just distances us from the older ones so

Our journey begins AGAIN

Hi old friend! To say it's been a while is an understatement. Who knew I had this blog going all the way to 2011 (also pretty much the same time this blog died). But that's, as they say, is in the past. I now invite you to the whole new, revamped blog 2.0. In the time I've spent away from here, I've traveled to several countries, probably even more states and have managed to move 700+ miles away and then a year later right back (can definitely give you some pointers on where to catch the greatest sunset on your way from NY to IL and other way around). You are probably wondering why I am going on and on about my life instead of telling you where to go on your next adventure. Well, I am glad you asked (you didn't really ask, did you?). I want this space to be for us to daydream and wander (see what I did there). For us to get to know each other, for you to know why I travel, photograph and explore things and places. My travels aren't always lush and filled with