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Remember me?

Hi friends! It sure has been a while! I have spent the last month or so very preoccupied with the thought that I might be missing out on life as I have not ventured outside of New York City in pretty much 3 months. And while spending my days visiting rooftop wineries, frolicking ( my favorite word ever) in Central Park, throwing a fabulous rooftop surprise birthday party and catching up on every Netflix and Hulu show imaginable to man, I've come to a conclusion that I (and you) don't always have to leave this great city in order to wander and explore. Therefore, I've decided to bring you up to speed on my recent adventures in New York City (and 1 short drive away) and then maybe you can plan your own day (or few) of adventuring.
Let's go back to Memorial Day Weekend, when I had originally started writing this entry. I wanted to know how you weekend went and tell you all about mine.
My, what seems like so long ago, weekend began by me having one last drink on my friend LB's rooftop because you see, she kicks ass and is traveling with her husband for the next 3 months! (11 days down, 79 more to go but who is counting). While traveling overseas for 90 days might seem like a dream it does come with certain sacrifices I suppose and one of those would be giving up their pretty spacious, heart of Park Slope apartment that came with a self made (?)  rooftop where we have spent many many holiday weekends in the last few years.  Just look at that sunset.

Since you (and I) are clearly not going up there anytime soon, I've done some research and turns out Park Slope and adjacent neighborhoods are now home to some lovely rooftop bars. For more you can check out Brooklyn Rooftops. I can't vouch for any of them since I had the convenience of my bff's hospitality but if all this talk is making you want to hang back, feel the light breeze and check out NYC sunset then go ahead, pick a place and tell me how it is !
As the evening came to an end and we finished our sad tasting, mixed at home drinks it was time to say bye. Not being dramatic but 90 days is a long damn time! (Miss ya LB).
As my friend embarked on her journey, I had the rest of the weekend to get through. It consisted of more rooftops and a nice day trip to New Hope, which I and my dog enjoyed dearly.

You see, I ♥ New Hope! and somehow by crazy coincidence my sister and brother in law had opened up a charming little store right on Main Street which allows me to visit any time I want.
The first time I took a trip out there I was about 17 and someone I knew lived in Philadelphia at the time dragged few of us there while she pierced her belly button. In case you are in the mood for a tattoo or a piercing, check out Lion's den tattoo studio, 17 years ago they were on point! Anyway, where was I? Oh, New Hope!
New Hope is located in Bucks County, PA and is approximately 30 mi from Philadelphia. The main street is lined with restaurants, shops and during warmer months dogs. Most places that have an outside are dog friendly as well as some stores except for Logan Inn located at 10 W Ferry St, New Hope, PA 18938. They have amazing burgers and cushy outside seating but do not allow dogs. Since I had my furry buddy with me, I ended up enjoying an amazing crab cake sandwich and an adult beverage at The Salt House. It's covered as well which was great especially because it was pouring cats and dogs (haha) for a significant amount time. I walked away very happy: I ate, I drank,  I people watched, what else can you ask for?! They do not have a website but you can check them out on Instagram at The Salt House.
After a long day outside and properly tiring out my pooch, I've come to a pleasant realization that my weekend has not come to an end just yet. With those thoughts it is that I fell peacefully asleep that day and awoke to an amazing Memorial Day Monday. Ok, fine I have no ideal what I thought when I woke up but it sounded poetic. That Monday did turn out to be a great day. The weather was perfect, the people I was with were perfect, the amount of money I spent maybe not so perfect.
Let me tell you, if you want a different, chill experience but don't mind spending some hard earned cash, head to Rooftop Reds Rooftop Reds. No matter where you are coming from you take the B (on weekdays) and Q (on weekends) to Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NY and walk a bit to a strange, abandoned looking warehouse, construction looking site. Just as you think you are lost and you've wandered into a different world, you look up and see the building with the red umbrellas! And there you are!
The views, the vibe, my group of friends ALL A+. The wine's - not bad but be warned a tad bit pricey, unless you are not me and my friends and can actually contain your alcohol intake for the day. Overall the experience is definitely a must. I won't show you the views but if you absolutely must ruin the surprise and check them out before you embark on this hike, feel free to pop over to my IG.
My friend and I did take an Uber back to the train for many different reasons so you might plan to do the same. To summarize this visit: Dress cute, take photos, come on a holiday or off peak hours, wear comfortable shoes if you plan to walk from the train, eat before (their food is bought at Costco and re sold for way way more $) but definitely do come experience this strange venue in the middle of Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Well all, this concludes my "staying local" Memorial Day weekend. Do it all, do some of it, don't do anything - it's really up to you but just know when and if you decide to venture out, I'll be right here to answer your questions or give you recommendations. And if you have something to share with me, please please don't feel weird doing so!

As always,

Daydream and Wander


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